murder of a woman victim caused by Coercive Conversion Education


We are writing from Association of Victims of Coercive Conversion Program(AVCCP).


We wish to request for the publishing of an incident where a young woman was killed in Gwangju, South Korea due to a coercive conversion program led by her family and a religious conversion centre. This woman lost her life as the religious converter who do this job for money, have kidnapped the woman and locked her up to force her covert her religion, and unfortunately the woman lost her life when violence was used on her. This serious violation of human rights and the unlawful act of the constitution of South Korea has led to 30,000 citizens joined in a rally in various cities, for investigation of a death case caused by forceful conversion and violent behaviours during the process.



Media stations around the world have reporting this event with more reports being published this week in various countries abroad. Please refer to the photos below to see how this incident has been reported overseas.